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What is power running board motor?

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Power running board motors power the automatic electric side step pedal on certain pickup trucks & SUVs & Jeeps &Bus. The Running Board Motor restores proper operation to a vehicle's power running board. The power running board motors match the fit and function of the original equipment motor. This part has high grade material and cycle testing to ensure durability and performance.

- Replacement: power running board motors usually fail in one of two ways: at the hinge or due to motor failure causing the pedal to jam. Whether the failure is due to the hinge or the motor, our MYES brand power running board assembly can provide you with protection.

- Ideal replacement: the running board motors are a direct replacement for a burned out original equipment motor.

- Saves money: this cost-saving solution offers original equipment quality at a competitive price.

- Durable construction: the running board motors are made of quality materials for reliable performance.

- Quality tested: this part has undergone try-on, corrosion, material, dynamometer and cycle testing to ensure a long service life.

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