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MYES five wire electric side step motors technical specification

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Five wire electric side step motors technical specification:

1. Standard status

Range of temperature and humidity: temperature: -20℃~ +65℃; Humidity: 45%~75%;

Test conditions:

(1) All tests shall be carried out in the range of standard temperature and humidity (temperature: 20±2℃, humidity: 65±5%);

If there is no dispute between the two parties, the test can be carried out under normal temperature and humidity (temperature: 5-35 ℃, humidity: 45-75%).

(2) High and low temperature test shall be conducted according to -30℃, +80℃ and 75% humidity. Test methods and standards shall be in accordance with

Q/FSJS001-2018 Automotive Pedal Motor Technical Standard is implemented.

2. Installation conditions:

The motor can be installed at any Angle, but the specific needs to be considered according to different models, chassis structure and bracket structure. Pay attention to the electric

The maximum distance between the machine and the ground is appropriate, considering the vehicle passability and avoid motor collision damage.

Electric Side Step Motor Parameter
Rated voltageDC 12V
No-load current≤ 2.5A
Rated power80W
Noise≤ 60 dB
Load 5NmSpeed 14 ±1 RPM; Current ≤ 5.0A
Load 20NmSpeed 8 ±1 RPM; Current ≤ 12A
Output shaft speed15 RPM ± 1RPM
Braking torqueTorque ≥ 50 N.m; Current≤28A
Output shaft steeringThe motor on the left:counterclockwise; The motor on the right:clockwise
Insulation classF class
Protection gradeIPX7

3.Environmental characteristics:

Operating temperature and humidity range: temperature: -20℃~ +65℃; Humidity: 45%~75%.

Storage temperature and humidity range: temperature: -10~40℃, humidity: 75%MAX.

4.Definition of motor circuit:

custom plug style.jpgrunning-board-motor-plug-drawing.jpg

5.Hall signal detection of motor:

Using professional signal detection instrument, input 5VDC between brown and white lines and brown lines to test signal and square wave

Clear and reliable.

6.The electric side step motor specification:

side step motor specifications.jpgright side step motor specification.jpg

7.Electric side step motor output shaft specification table: Size unit mm (mm)

L2L3Shaft diameterNote


1. Output shaft specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

2, five wire electric side step motor wiring plug-in can be customized according to customer needs.

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