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9L7Z16A507A 9L7Z16A506A Factory Supply Power Side Step Pedal Motor For Land Rover Ford Expedition Lincoln Navigator

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Our Power Running Board Motors are an ideal choice to replace your broken Power Running Board Motors. All Power Running Board Motors meet OEM specifications. Fit for Land Rover L322 Range Rover 2013-2016, OE part number is left: 11390012-101, 9L7Z 16A507-A, 9L7Z16A507A, 9L7Z16A507-A, VPLGP0153, right: 11390013-101, 9L7Z 16A506-A, 9L7Z16A506A, 9L7Z16A506-A, VPLGP0136. Customers can find the product you need accurately according to the OE number.

Please check your OE number before you order it. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible. This power side step motor fits 2013 2014 2015 2016 years.

9L7Z16A507A 9L7Z16A506A Factory Supply Power Side Step Pedal Motor For Land Rover Ford Expedition Lincoln Navigator

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What is the Power Side Step Motor?

Power side step motor powers the automatic steps on certain trucks and SUVs. The side step motor restores proper operation to a vehicle's power side step. The power side step motor typically fails one of two ways: at the hinges or because of a faulty motor that causes the step to become stuck. Whether the failure is along the hinges or due to the motor, this power side step motors has you covered.

【Function】The electric power running board motor powers the automatic pedal of the Land Rover L322 Range Rover 2013-2016. The pedal motor can restore the normal operation of the vehicle's power pedal.

【Quality】The power running board motor is manufactured by Zhejiang Maiersi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and meets or exceeds OEM requirements. All products have been tested by our QC team, and durable.

【OEM&ODM】Accept OEM & ODM service, we can produce the products according to customers' requirement.

Power Side Step Motor Parameter

Vehicle type

For Land Rover / Ford Expedition / Lincoln Navigator

OEM replace part number

left-11390012-101, 9L7Z 16A507-A, 9L7Z16A507A, 9L7Z16A507-A, VPLGP0153,

right-11390013-101, 9L7Z 16A506-A, 9L7Z16A506A, 9L7Z16A506-A, VPLGP0136

Product shaft sizecustomized
Package size12.6 x 5.12 x 4.72inches
Plug styleFive pin plug
Rated voltageDC 12V
No-load current≤ 2.5A
Rated power80W
Noise≤ 60 dB
Load 5NmSpeed 14 ±1 RPM; Current ≤ 5.0A
Load 20NmSpeed 8 ±1 RPM; Current ≤ 12A
Output shaft speed15 RPM ± 1RPM
Braking torqueTorque ≥ 50 N.m; Current≤28A
Output shaft steeringThe motor on the left:counterclockwise; The motor on the right:clockwise
Insulation classF class
Protection gradeIP67

How to Replace Power Side Step Motor:

1.Disconnect the motor loom plug.

2.Undo the four nuts and two bolts holding the two brackets.

3.Remove the running board from the vehicle.

4.Remove the plastic end shield.

5.Remove the motor end cover - screws. Take care not to lose any shims.

6.Spin the armature until it stops. Then you can see the wedge bolt.

7.Remove the wedge bolt.

8.Knock out aluminium wedge from the back.

9.Note the orientation of the wedge, for re-assembly. Also note the position of the boards.

10.Stand on the board and work the hinges back and forth, whilst liberally spaying all moving parts with penetrating lubricant, until moving freely.

11.If step 10 improves the operation of the hinges, possibly your motor is OK, and you can re-assemble your board and re-test.

Otherwise, you need to replace the motor.

12.Re-assembly is simply the above procedure in reverse. Ensure that the running board is in the same position as when you started.

Otherwise you may end up with the boards working in reverse - i.e. retracting instead of deploying, and deploying instead of retracting.


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